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City based Bharatanatyam exponent Dr Guru Sharad Pandya visiting Brazil

City based Bharatanatyam exponent Dr Guru Sharad Pandya visiting Brazil

Will conduct lectures, performances workshops on Indian classical dance with senior disciple Shweta Patel

Dr Guru Sharad Pandya along with his senior

disciple Shweta Patel will be visiting Brazil for lecture demonstrations,

performances and workshops on Indian classic dance and music. They will be

touring Sau Paulo, Brazilia, Atibaia, Rio de janerio and Belo horizonte in a

three weeks stay there.

Both will be touring the country to conduct

workshops at Atibaia, Sau Paulo for dancers learning classical Indian dance,

Lectures at Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janerio for artists and students of schools

and colleges. The contents are Tala, Karnatic music system, Classical dance,

Bharatanatyam, Traditional folk dance of Gujarat, Abhinaya Darpana.

During their visit to Brazil demonstration will be held at Atbaia, Rio de Janerio for international dancers, flamenco dancers, musicians which is open to public. They will also be invited for their performances at Palacio Das Artes, Isckon, Public festival Atibaia, Magic India, Spiritual festival during their visit to the country.

"It's a matter of pride and honor for us to representing India at the world cultural map through classical dance. We look at this opportunity to spread our rich cultural heritage to the world and looking forward for a rich cultural exchange with representatives of other countries," said Guru Sharad Pandya.

About Guru Sharad Pandya

Guru Dr Sharad Pandya is a

well-known Bharatanatyam exponent from Vadodara, Gujarat. He is the founder

director of Purva school of Bharatanatyam. He is teaching Bharatanatyam since

more than 35 years to the students at Purva School of Bharatanatyam following

the Gurukul parampara. He is imparting education to students from different

parts of India as well as other countries such as Russia, Brazil, America,

France, Austria, Spain, China, Ukraine & Mauritius.

He has provided lectures and

demonstrations for students at various institutions & colleges. He has been

playing a vital role by sharing and spreading information about Indian arts and

culture by carrying an aim of winning the hearts of the people through the

arts. He has visited many places around the globe to present Indian culture in

countries like U.S.A., Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia,

Kampuchea, Vietnam, Philippines, Mauritius, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Serbia.

As a choreographer

“Mahishasura Mardini” Strotam– A choreography on Sanskrit sloka with Bharatanyam & Odissi ‘jugalbandhi’, “Nala Damyanti”– a production with 92 performers, “Krishna Leela”– dance ballet, “Prakruti Varnan”– description of nature – over 35 successful presentations, “Shiva Strotram”, “Hanuman Chalisa”, “Margam”– items from the repertoire specially choreographed for the stage, Folk dances of Gujarat, He has choreographed in different languages including Gujarati such as “Prabhatiyu”, “Vaishnava Jan”, “Radha” and others.

As an organizer:

International classical dance festival -September 2007, 2012, 2013, 2016, World dance day celebrations, World Environment day celebrations, Workshops on Chhau, Odissi, Manipuri, Pung Cholom (Manipur), folk dances of Gujarat, Gotipua dance festival – June 2005, Festivals to promote dying Indian arts, National festival of classical dance drama December 1997, Festival of Lesser known Classical Dances of India, ‘Purva Nritya Sabha’- more than 18.

Awards and felicitations:

Outstanding young person’s award, Banyan City Junior Chambers award, Kamarupa “Award Sanskar award Nritya Ratna” Award. Felicitation at Swami Haridas Mahotsav – Vrindavan, Konark Festival –Konark, Baroda Municipal Corporation, Felicitation by Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi in Vibrant Gujarat Festival

As an author he pen down Book on theory & history on Indian Classical Dance 'Nritya shastra'. As a judge and examiner he has rendered services as an expert and judge at various events, Garba competitons.

He has also served as an

expert member of committee for staff selection as well as an external examiner

at colleges and Universities.

International Honor:

Doctorate of Indigenous Arts by International Open University of Humanity Health Science and Peace, USA. His mission is to reaching the hearts through the arts and aims of promotion of Indian classical dance and making world a global village.

About Shweta Patel

Shweta has been learning

Bharatanatyam from Guru Shri Sharad Pandya from more than 20 years. She has

performed at various places in India as well as outside India under the banner

of Purva performing Troup of Purva school of Bharatanatyam. She performed at

Classical dance festivals of National and International repute at places such

as Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Konark, Kanpur, Cuttack, Ahmedabad,

Surat, Vadodara and many more.

She has also performed at

Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Serbia, Yugoslavia under the guidance of Guruji. She

has been awarded with 'Nritya Jyoti' at Naveen kalakar- Bhubaneswar and 'Nritya

Mani'- at Cuttack. She has been awarded as 'Purva Ratna' by Purva school of

Bharatanatyam. Shweta is also doing her PhD in Public Health Nutrition. She is

awarded with national research fellowship for her PhD in nutrition.

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