CID crime began search operation in Narmada canal in Fategunj custodial death matter


CID crime with the help of Vadodara fire brigade team began search operation inside the Narmada canal passing from Chhani in the Fategunj custodial death matter. As all the six accused failed to reveal details about the body of Babu Sheikh during the remand period, CID crime believed that they might dumped the body in the canal. Fire brigade team is helping in search operation with ultra modern equipments and heavy machinery.

As per details the accused were not supporting the investigation during remand period and CID crime failed to get any details about where they dumped the body of Babu Sheikh. All the accused are presently inside the jail.

However the search is on to trace the body and with strong belief the CID crime team began search inside the Narmada canal passing from Chhani area. They took the help of fire brigade to search the big canal starting from Tuesday morning. In order to complete the operation smoothly the water supply will also kept on hold.

“With prior permission the fire brigade team and SDRF is assisting the CID crime team in search for the body in custodial death matter. The whole canal from Chhani to Sevasi will be searched in nearly 12 hours operation. We are using heavy machinery and ultra modern equipments in searching the body and hopefully help the investigating team with strong evidence in the case,” said Om Jadeja Sub Fire Officer Chhani TP 13.

As per the details, a native of Telangana Babu Sheikh (age 62) was living in Ahmedabad and sell shawls by visiting various cities everyday including Vadodara. On 10-12-2019 he came to Vadodara with his son-in-law Ibrahim Khan Kasim Khan Pathan also a resident of Telangana and both had breakfast near the ST depot. After that Babu Sheikh put the sheets on the bicycle and went for selling.

Meanwhile the surveillance staff of Fategunj police station detained Sheikh Babu Sheikh on suspicion of burglary at the house of Satish Thakkar, a resident of TP-13 area. He was brought to Fategunj police station tied with chairs in the computer room and tortured to make him confess to the theft. They used the third degree torture to make him confess to the crime and later he died.

The police investigation revealed that Sheikh Babu was tortured at the police station and his body was disposed. So a murder case was registered against the then PI Dharmendrasinh Gohil, PSI Dasharath Rabari, 4 constables Pankaj, Yogendrasinh, Rajesh and Hitesh and all the accused fled. The investigation was handed over to CID crime (Gandhinagar) and SP Girish Pandya had started investigating in the case.


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