Christians dance to tunes of traditional garba is something many find it odd. But in Vadodara the tradition is intact for the last many years and the Christians celebrate Christmas dancing to the tunes of specially composed garba for the ocassion.

District MYF and District Mahila Mandal organise the garba for the Christian community resides in Vadodara. Like Navratri the Christians youths and families turned up to match garba steps on the ground. What is more special is the songs are specially composed according to Christmas theme and the music played by the own Christian bands.

Turned up in good numbers the Christians enjoyed the tunes of traditional garba and celebrate the festival of Christmas in a unique way. “Christmas is the festival of love and harmony and we want to spread the message to all. Garba is something which connect the Gujaratis and every year we turned up in traditional outfits to dance on specially Christmas theme garba songs,” said one of the reveller.


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