The Christians in Gujarat protesting against calling Jesus Christ a demon in the 9th standard Hindi book published this year. The line clearly written in the book called Jesus Christ ‘Hewan’ which spread wrong message in the society and also plays with the emotions of the community.

The protests continuing in the state and everywhere the Christian community raised their anger against the printing of such word against their lord. In Vadodara on Monday the Methodist Church took out a procession in protest against the writing and gives a memorandum to the collector to take evasive action against it.

The Christian community said that word Demon for Jesus Christ is published in the 9th class textbook in lesson 16 about the relation between the Guru Shishya in Indian culture. The community said that there are wrong words of Bible published in the book. The community demands to remove the lesson from the book and write Lord addressing Jesus Christ and also publish the original lines in the paragraph that mentioned in the Bible.



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