Vadodara is famous for its traditional Navratri festival and people from all across the world comes here to witness it. Foreigners working and studying here are also fond of the festival and visits the famous Navabazaar market to purchase the garba dress.

Felise from China this year will play garba with others and will enjoy the festival. She also went to the Navabazaar and purchased traditional Chaniya Choli dress and jewellery for her.

Associated with Computer Networking business Felise visits many countries and also access the details about the festivals and cultures through internet. In such a search she came to know about the Navratri festival celebrates here in Gujarat where thousands of people dance in a open ground wearing traditional dresses.

She almost surprised to see the youths in big numbers dance alongside on traditional beats. That was the day she decided to experience it once and this year her wish finally comes true.

She planned her business accordingly and reached Vadodara in perfect time. She along with her business partner in Vadodara Bela Shah went to Navabazaar and purchased Chaniya Choli and jewellery for the festival. She decides to go different garba venues in nine nights and finally her wish comes true. She also decides to match steps with the others.


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