Chhatra Sansad spreads the importance of positivity during lockdown


Released a video of students from 19 countries talking about one positive thing they learnt during this lockdown

The lockdown and quarantine period taught everyone a important lesson of love life to the fullest and spread positivity all around. The time also makes everyone to take out some time from their busy lives for connecting with the roots which we forget in this fast paced world.

During the times when not only India but the entire world is facing a crisis, the youth of this world do their bit by making sure they contribute to spreading the message of positivity. Chhatra Sansad in one such initiative gives the opportunity to the youth of the entire world to share the message of positivity with others in such difficult times.

The countries participating in this positivity are India, Canada, Belgium, UK, Korea, Japan, Germany, Honduras, Mexico, Italy, Costa Rica, Hawai, Switzerland, Australia, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Netherlands, Finland. The youths saw this time as one of the important phase in life where they can reach out to the things which they left behind while running behind their ambitions.

The youths said to be engaged themselves in positive activities, sharpening their skills in music, photography and art, reconnect with old friends, importance of keeping up with loved ones, living the moments and importance of little things in life, family, know themselves and the importance of positivity in life.

CS release a video containing a message from students of 19 countries of the world talking about one positive thing they learnt during this lockdown.


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