School students, underprivileged kids and patients perform Yoga

To spread a strong message in the society Chhatra Sansad held it’s 4th Yograng Mahotsav on International Yoga Day on 21st June 2018 in Vadodara. School students, underprivileged kids and patients also join and perform Yoga along with various social organisations.

Team of Chhatra Sansad gathered at Shannen school and celebrate the International Yoga Day with their 4th Yograng Mahotsav. Organisations like Retrofit Vadodara, Sujal Charitable trust, umang foundation, the wishing factory, navprerna and Disha school also joined them and did yoga with Underprivileged children, Thalassemia patients and school students.

“We sent out a strong message to the society where all the sections of the society came together to make this celebration possible. 250 underprivileged kids, 50 Thalassemia patients, 500 school students and youth of Chhatra Sansad was present in the celebration. We look forward to gather such sections of the society and make sure our world is a better place to live,” said Kunal Sharma President-Chhatra Sansad.