Chetan Bhagat a famous author said that he never compete with other authors and his competition is with the youngsters of today who are getting away from reading in this Internet age. He was in Vadodara on Monday participating in final day of Switch Expo to deliver his lecture to the huge crowd of students and people from every age group.

Chetan Bhagat is an Indian author, columnist, screenwriter, television personality and motivational speaker, known for his English language novels about young urban middle-class Indians. At Switch Expo he talked about how a innovative idea can change the course. He also appreciate the idea of the Expo which is a perfect platform for the startups.

img-20161010-wa0008“Don’t lose power of innovation as the idea is always bigger then anything. We always think that capital is bigger but it’s of no use when you don’t have any innovative ideas. If you have a great idea then it is always bigger then any capital in the world. The Switch Expo is a great idea as the startups and the youngsters as they get great exposure and platform to show the their innovations. The platform is good to attract the youngsters to the business. I delivered and shared my innovative ideas with the audience and I must say that if I get such exposure earlier in my life then it would help me a lot,” said Bhagat.

Bhagat also said that a author has a great responsibility towards the society. “The author has to do something new and observe the society and write new stories about them. If he don’t then people will forget you,” said Bhagat.

img-20161010-wa0017Talking about competition he said that his only competition is with today’s youngsters. “I never compete with my fellow authors but the only competition I have is with today’s youngsters who somehow are getting away from reading in the age of social media and internet. I want to make youth understand the importance of books and reading and getting them back here,” said Bhagat.

Talking about Indo Pak relations he said that now there is no relations left between the two countries. “Now there is nothing left like relations between the two countries. India is taking a tough stance against them. Relations maintain when there is patience in talks and what Pakistan has done, killing our people and soldiers is unacceptable,” said Bhagat.

20161010_150856About the Pakistani actors he said they should not be keep mum. “Decision to not working with Pakistani actors is a hard stand and we should not ban them. But the actors also not keep mum and atleast speak up about the attacks,” said Bhagat.