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Charusat To Celebrate The Garba Eve- Vrund’17 on October 6, 2017. Students and staff of Charotar University of Science and Technology will be celebrating the fusion of happiness, tradition, colour, devotion and respect for our culture.

One of the most anticipated festival of our very own state Gujarat is Navratri. CHARUSAT Family celebrates the enthusiasm of 9 nights integrated in one single eve known as “Vrund”.

Every year students and staff members of CHARUSAT Family rejoice this festival by coming up with active participation.

With increasing number of CHARUSAT Family, this year there will be around 4000 students and 500 staff member enjoying the beats of Garba and Raas at Central Lawn of CHARUSAT Campus.

Central Council of University organizes this Annual Garba Festival every year to make it memorable for one and all. Students and staff members dressed in traditional outfit and playing Garba as Khelaiya.

Prizes and Awards will be bestowed upon Best Performance and Best Dressing Khelaiya.




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