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Charusat hosts an International Conference on "Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology"

Charusat hosts an International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology

International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology - 2018 was recently organized on 14-15 December, 2018 at the PDPIS Auditorium of Charusat University in Changa. This conference was jointly organized by IEEE Gujarat Chapter and IEEE Charusat Student Branch, and was sponsored by GUJCOST.

This conference was organized by Faculty of Technology and Engineering, CHARUSAT with an aim of providing a robust platform to the students, academicians as well as professors for a seamless sharing of ideas and knowledge. Over a 100 delegates from Kerala, Delhi, Russia, Turkey etc. participated in this conference. IEEE - International Conference on Immerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology (ICRISET-2018) was the IEEE Region-10's Flagship Technical Conference.

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The conference hosted some highly esteemed speakers like Mutukrishnan Rajarajan of the UK University of London City, S. Savitri from India’s CMIR-National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, Shrinivas Singh- Vice Chancellor of Madan Mohan Malviya University of Gorakhpur, Prayag Sayani-Project Engineer, New Jersey Turnpike Authority Woodbridge and UK's Edge Hill University's Ardhendu Bahera who enlightened the audience with their impactful talks.

Dr. Srinivas Singh- VC, Madan Mohan Malviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur and Dr. Y. P. Kosta- VC, Marwadi University, Rajkot were present as the chief guests for the event. Dignitaries like Dr. M. C. Patel- Hon. Secretary of Kelavani Mandal, Dr. Pankaj Joshi- Provost, Charusat, Dr. S. P. Kosta- Advisor, Dr. A. D. Patel- Principal, CSPIT and Dr. Amit Ganatra- Principal, DEPSTAR were present on the dias.

The chief guest of the event, Dr. Srinivas Singh- VC, Madan Mohan Malviya University of Technology said that such events and seminars should regularly be organised to enable the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the students and the faculties. He further stressed upon the fact that science and technology should be used constructively for the betterment of the society and not destructively. Dr. Singh also explained how important it is for both- the teachers as well as the students, to be in a positive state of mind.

Dr. Y. P. Kosta shared with the students some very important tips for their bright future. He said that the education should not become tiresome to the students and that they should stay away from comparisons with other humans since every human being is a unique, infinite bundle of possibilities.

On this occassion, Dr. Pankaj Joshi said that the confluence of science and engineering is vital for the progress of human kind. He emphasized the importance of basic science and explained how important the quality of education is in today’s rapidly changing times.

Keeping with the theme of the conference i.e. the emerging engineering fields, the researchers and engineers from the education and industrial sectorsgathered under the same roof and presented their ideas and suggestions.Out of these, 45 papers were accepted by the jury and submitted to be included in IEEE EXPLORER.

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