CHARUSAT help students to pursue their Hobbies as Career


Currently, the Covid-19 epidemic has devastated the entire world economy and its impact is being felt mainly in the employment sector. Many have lost their jobs and badly hit by the pandemic.

However, the students of Charotar University of Science and Technology (CHARUSAT) in Changa do not have any difficulty in finding various jobs as there is a lot of focus on study as well as other activities that help in student’s career development.

CHARUSAT has introduced Liberal Arts subjects in all programs since year 2000 to help student’s to showcase their inner talent and pursue their hobbies as career. Liberal arts courses like Paintings, Music, Poetry, Dancing, Photography, etc. as part of curriculum under the field of Humanities Social Sciences (HSS) covers all the students of first year at CHARUSAT. Various soft skill related subjects like creativity, values and ethics, presentation, group discussion, interview skills, etc help students to groom their personality as per the industry requirement.

It insists that it can keep up with the student’s hobbies so that they can build their own career. Various social activities were carried out during the Corona period by the National Social Scheme (NSS) unit of CHARUSAT at it benefits NSS students in getting a job. Tille now, NSS unit of CHARUSAT helped many students to get jobs in reputed private and government organization to serve the society.

Darshan Pandya is a 2018 alumnus in Mechanical Engineering at CSPIT who composed the CHARUSAT University Song. Darshan Pandya says that as a prayer-music-instrumental player in various programs in CHARUSAT, he had the opportunity to show my talent which has been useful in my life. The university has been instrumental in developing managerial skills through the university’s cultural programs and technical competitions (cognizance) conducted by the College of Engineering. Darshan Pandya is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in IIM-Raipur. Due to multi-talent opportunity by university, Darshan Pandya got direct in Ph.D. after B. Tech.

Darshana Chaniyara, a 2017 alumnus of Computer Engineering at CSPIT in CHARUSAT was interviewed in Gujarati and selected as a software engineer at Thomson Reuters in Ahmedabad as her college NSS performance was appreciated along with her studies. She says, I was the Central Council member in the SPOURAL(cultural-sports festival) organized by the university. Volunteer at NSS and was the City Director at a construction NGO and volunteered at the CHARUSAT Rural Education Development Program (CREDP).

CREDP serves to teach students from the government schools around the university in the evening.Speaking of my overall skill during the interview, the interview was allowed in Gujarati instead of English.

Pawan Thacker, a 2017 alumnus in Mechanical Engineering at CSPIT in CHARUSAT, is the film director. Because of courses at CHARUSAT, I got inclination to work on my hobby of film line and I did a film direction course at SubhashGhai’s Institute Weakling Wood International in Bombay for 2 years. He then made a film documentary on the finance minister of Maharashtra. Right now my production house in Anand-Bombay is running PANABRO Films which produces TV commercial-digital ads. A feature film-web series is planned a year later.

So far many students of CHARUSAT have achieved various heights in their desired field via liberal arts subjects in regular curriculum like film direction-acting-photography. Among them is the famous actress of Gujarati film ‘CHHELLO DIVAS’ Fame Coffee Girl Prapti Ajwaliya. Prapti Ajwalia, an alumnus-IT ranker and a well-known actress of Gujarati films-TV-dramas currently working in an IT company in Ahmedabad, says that due to the support of the faculty in CHARUSAT, she has participated in stage-drama-dance etc. It is a matter of pride for me to be invited as the chief guest 2 times in Spaural in CHARUSAT after becoming an actress. The university teaches similarities in study and other activities. We got on stage to learn. Changa will be a memorable souvenir for me.

In this way many students of Civil-Mechanical-Electrical and Electronics and Communication have also made careers in their hobby subjects.

It is worth mentioning that CHARUSAT does its best to expose the youth to the world of art through the subjects of Liberal Arts. Under this subject, first year students of different faculties of the university are brought together under one panel to work in a group.

Students with similar interests are helped by the university to participate at the state and national level and shape their careers. CHARUSAT ‘s latest experiment is also being noted by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of India for hosting various national level cultural events.


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