Dawn of a New Life for 1995 Graduating Students

CHARUSAT celebrated the 8th Convocation event on 12th January 2019 where R. Chidambaram, one of India’s most distinguished experimental physicists and former Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA) to the Government of India graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and delivered the convocation address.

He exhorted all CHARUSATians to, “Age has experience, youth has imagination. Job of a university is to transfer knowledge without damaging the creativity.” He emphasized, Motivating the graduating students and said – India is developing of course and the youth need to accelerate the speed of growth.

In a grand event held at the campus total 1995 students including 34 gold medallists were conferred degrees. The ceremony commenced with the grand Convocation procession, fragranced with the chanting of Vedic mantras befitting Indian culture and tradition. The convocation procession was led by Dr Devang Joshi, Registrar, CHARUSAT which was joined by Chief Guest, Provost, President, Members of the Governing Body, Board of Management of CHARUSAT, invited dignitaries, Deans of various Faculties, Gold Medallists.

Addressing the congregation, Dr Pankaj Joshi, Provost, CHARUSAT welcomed the guests and he shared the progress report of the university and extended his wishes to the graduating students. Addressing the degree holders Surendrabhai Patel in his presidential address shared pearls of wisdom with students and urged the graduates to become lifelong learners, facilitate change in society, develop perseverance, focus on opportunities in life not problems and find joy in selfless service.

Amongst the presence of esteemed dignitaries 219 students of Faculty of Medical Sciences, 270 students of Faculty of Computer Sciences, 184 students of Faculty of Management Studies, 75 students of Faculty of Pharmacy, 200 students of Faculty of Applied Sciences and 1047 students of Faculty of Technology and Engineering including 30 Ph.D. graduates were conferred degrees and blessed for a bright future.

34 students were awarded gold medals for their outstanding academic performance. It is noteworthy here that all the Medals are real Gold Medals conferred with certificates. Students and their Parents are all provided with hospitality and special attention.

The following are the highlights of the Chief Guest Dr. R Chidambaram’s speech at 8th Convocation of CHARUSAT University:

“India needs to be Economically Developed, Scientifically Advance and Militarily Strong”.

India should focus on sustainable development by nurturing environment. He applauded the approach of the present government in this direction.

Mr. Chidambaram advised that literacy, particularly female literacy will pave path for India’s growth.

In order to develop, India should go for Progressive Indigenization. He opined that India should go for international collaboration but with equal partnership.

Leaving the message for the Education sector Mr. Chidambaram said, India to become a developed nation, Industry and Academics need to work glove in hand. Also, focus should be on multidisciplinary learning and technology management.

For Economic Development he insisted on startups in manufacturing technology.

Addressing the graduates, he said, “Age has experience, youth has imagination. Job of a university is to transfer knowledge without damaging the creativity.”

Motivating the graduating students he said – India is developing of course. The youth need to accelerate the speed of growth.

Quoting Mr. Albert Einstein, a famous scientist he said, Science requires not only intelligence, but also integrity, character and empathy for a common man.

He advised graduating students to develop self-belief and justified optimism.

Finally, he ended his address to the graduating students with a message to do great things for yourself and for the country.