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Chartered Accountants Group of Vadodara provide meals to relatives of patients undergoing treatment in government hospitals

Chartered Accountants Group of Vadodara provide meals to relatives of patients undergoing treatment in government hospitals

Everyone is fighting against Corona in their own way. Physicians and paramedical staff are busy day and night treating corona patients. Police department and administration is strictly enforcing the guidelines and also looking to increase the facilities in hospitals.

In these difficult times, a unique battle is being fought by the Baroda Chartered Accountants Group against Corona. One wondered how a chartered accountant can fight against corona as they are known for creating balance sheets of big companies, banks and firms.

But it is true. In the midst of this pandemic members of the Baroda Chartered Accountants Group are fighting a war against Corona by offering dinner to relatives of Corona patients outside the city's Sayaji, Gotri and Samaras Hostel covid Hospitals.

Manish Bakshi, chartered accountant of Baroda Chartered Accountants Group, says that the campaign has been launched to realize the mantra of Prabhu Seva through Anna Seva. Out city patients undergoing treatment in Vadodara will have to spend the night without food at a time when the corona curfew is imposed at 8 pm every night in the city. So they put this idea of provide food to them in their group and everyone applauded unanimously.

Manish further said that initially 34 members of the group contributed financially and today about 100 members have joined it. All these young chartered accountant members have joined enthusiastically. Their group has been providing bread, vegetables, chhole puri and bananas to the relatives of about 350 out city patients who have been receiving treatment at Sayaji, Gotri and Samaras covid Hospital for the last 12 days. After Jalaram Bapa's Aarti, these food items are prepared as part of prasadi.

He added that the holy month of Ramzaan is currently being observed by the Muslim community. They fast during the day and they provide bananas, apples to them. They also provide dry snacks in 250 gram packets.

Today, their group provide food to 350 people and if necessary and they are ready to provide dinner to 500 people if hospital system will tell.

Manish said that people from affluent families are hesitating to take these meals, but we explain to them that they would not get any food in the curfew at night and then they agreed to take the packets.

Giving an example of how people are not accepting food, Manish Bhai said that two days ago, four relatives of the patient came from Godhra. They refused to accept their night food packet. After requesting they took the food packet but took out a Rs. 500 note from his wallet and gave it to them. They said they are taking anything for free. However they forcibly returned the money and said that they should go to Godhra and give this money to someone in need.

This sacrifice of selfless human service of Baroda Chartered Accountants Group is truly exemplary and inspiring.

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