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Celebrations of 4th International Day of Yoga at CHARUSAT University, Changa

Celebrations of 4th International Day of Yoga at CHARUSAT University, Changa

Charotar University of Science and Technology organised an event on 21st June 2018 to mark the 4th International Yoga Day. The event was celebrated in Tapas Annapurna Hall attended by more than 250 yoga enthusiasts.

The programme was initiated by Madhuben Patel, Joint Secretary, Kelavani Mandal, who graciously joined the yoga session and inspired the young generation. She highlighted the Indian origin of yoga and its benefits to the participants. Rectors of Girls Hostel also participated in the yoga session.

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The programme was conducted under the supervision of a yoga practioner and faculty member of ARIP Yashri and Kshipra and Team of students that included an overview of the benefits of yoga and demonstration of the important asanayas and postures and Pranayama. The programme was properly arranged to spread awareness of yoga in all aspects, both for the uninitiated as well as the practitioners.

Madhuben Patel shared the importance and need of practicing Yoga to stay fit and healthy. She said, “Yoga is a systematic and methodical process to control and develop the mind and body to attain good health, balance of mind and self-realization. It is necessary for every individual to stay fit and healthy in this fast paced world which is full of stress and anxiety. The celebration of International Yoga Day is a reminder for all individuals to incorporate Yoga every dayto enjoy a happy and blissful life and reduce the effect of stress and other physical ailments.”

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