Celebration of Wildlife Week started from Friday 2nd October


Theme of this year’s celebration of Wildlife Week is Roar and Revive

The vast expanse of the world does not extend to a single human being, but there are animals, birds, forest and plants sharing with them. To remind the entire human community of this bitter truth, Wildlife (Welfare and Conservation) Week is celebrated every year from 2nd October by the concerned department.

October 2nd is the date of birth of Mahatma Gandhi who was a priest of non-violence.  He said that the measure of greatness and progress of any nation can come from the way animals are treated in that country.

So in Bapu’s ideology of non-violence, corresponding to the hidden power of life protection, it may have become a tradition to start this week’s celebration from his birthday.

Highlighting the need for Wildlife Conservation Week, Assistant Conservator of Forests Dr. Dhawal Gadhvi said, many wildlife and species are at high risk of extinction. This week is celebrated to combine people consciousness with the campaign to save them and to create an environment for their protection and breeding.

There are various reasons for the increase in the number of species living under the threat of extinction.  Among these are global warming, deforestation, and violence. That is why this week is celebrated to inculcate the spirit of live and let live for wildlife among the people.

The creation of a future generation that is especially kind and affectionate towards wildlife can yield very good results.  That is why the Forest Department, in collaboration with the voluntary organizations working for wildlife welfare, organizes programs to identify the wildlife resources and sensitise the young generation towards saving them.

It is worth mentioning here that this is the year of the Covid crisis. The state forest department has banned entry to forests and sanctuaries to protect wildlife from the onset of the crisis and set up a task force of forest employees. This precaution is still in effect.

The Government of Gujarat, especially on the eve of Uttarayan, is running a special Karuna campaign to save the birds from fatal injuries. And a Karuna ambulance service has also been launched to save birds injured during this time.

The theme of this year’s celebration of Wildlife Week is Roar and Revive. Which means let their roars and thunder resound in the forest again, it can be done to revive the forest with wild animals.

Humans and wildlife both shares a relationship and the time has come to rejuvenate and refresh the kinship between them. Gujarat state and the Forest Department have made relatively good efforts and as a result, the lion population in and outside Gir has increased. The forests of the eastern belt are overpopulated with animals such as panthers and bears.  Plans have been made to avoid conflict between humans and wildlife. This week’s celebration will give a new impetus to these efforts.


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