Election Commission will launch simple and digital e-EPIC on Monday

January 25 is the founding day of the Election Commission of India, which is celebrated as National Voters’ Day to spread awareness about the importance of voting across the country. This year, various programs are being organized by the district election commission on Monday as part of the motivational celebration of this day.

Recently, voter awareness rangoli programmes were organized in the districts and talukas under this celebration in which participating students and artists drew rangoli and conveyed the motivational message of importance, inevitability and need to register as a voter.

Voter awareness hoardings have been put up by the Election Commission in collaboration with the district election administration to convey a very accurate message. In which citing the recent series victory of the Indian cricket team in Australia, the enthusiasm of the voters who voted in the Corona era and their commitment to democracy has been applauded.

The Election Commission of India will be releasing the Digital Voter Photo Identity Card e-EPIC on 25th January, which is an e-version of the easy-to-download and changeable voter ID card which will be valid at the polling station as proof of voter identity. District Election Officer Shalini Agarwal has urged people to join the celebrations of National Voters Day.


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