Cash stolen from car standing at petrol pump in Vadodara


A person stole a bag filled with cash from a standing car at a petrol pump in Vadodara. The whole thing was captured in the installed CCTV where the accused stole the bag from the car and escaped.

As per the details a framer from Ankodia village named Nimesh Patel sold his drumsticks crop in the city and was coming back collecting his money. Suddenly their car broke down due to flat tyre and they reached the petrol pump for puncture repairing.

Meanwhile a unknown person wearing a cap reached near the car and first watch the car carefully. When he found no one inside he simple opened the door of the car and picked the bag kept inside. After that he escaped from there in hurry.

The farmer came to know about the cash bag missing from the car and immediately informed the Gotri police. The bag has 1,80000 in cash inside. The whole incident was captured in the CCTV and police is investigating further after accessing the footage.


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