Case of disproportionate assets against retired ACF Vadodara


Retired Assistant Conservator of Forests, Vadodara, has come under the scrutiny of the Anti Corruption Bureau. A case has been registered against him for allegedly having disproportionate assets of Rs 1.12 crore more than his income during his duty.

They had found immovable and movable property worth Rs 3.26 crore against his apparent income of Rs 2.14 crore. The incident shocked the Forest Department after complaint against the officer.

According to the information received from the ACB, they have received the details about Kasim Fazalbhai Reshamwala, who had served as an assistant conservator in the Vadodara Forest Department, had amassed disproportionate assets.

On the basis of which, the team ACB during its preliminary investigation examined various assets including documentary evidence of assets and bank accounts in the name of Qasim Reshamwala and his family members.

During the period from 1st April 2007 to 29 February 2016, 3225350 cash amounts were deposited from him in his various bank accounts. Similarly, 8374481 immovable and movable properties were purchased. Apart from this, considering the average of other expenses, he withdrew Rs 11020772 from bank accounts.

He had spent Rs 32659647 against his legal visible income of Rs 21435899 while on duty. ACB Vadodara Police Inspector PD Barot had registered a case against Qasim Reshamwala and further investigating after it came to light that the amount of Rs 11223748 was disproportionate which is 55.65 per cent more than his income.


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