Police caught six in the matter

In a shocking incident a carrier broke the window of the room inside Karjan police line and stole IMFL and beer from there. Police arrested six carriers in the incident and further investigating the matter.

As per details the IMFL and beer was caught by Karjan police from a bootlegger and stocked it inside the room no 20 at Karjan police line. To their shock the carriers target the room and stole the liquor boxes kept inside after broke the window.

While investigating the police caught two persons with liquor boxes and solve the mystery of stolen liquor from the police line.
The accused hide the boxes inside banana farm and police managed to recover 12 boxes of liquor from there.

As per Karjan police they have arrested Mukesh Vasava, Sachin Vasava, Kiran Rathodia, Vishnu Rathodia and Sunil Maachi for stealing 48,000 worth liquor from the police line and further investigating in the matter.


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