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Cancer survivors meet on the eve of World Cancer Day

Cancer survivors meet on the eve of World Cancer Day

It's a celebration of a new life where the cancer patients sharing their stories after fully recovered from the disease. The gathering at Sterling Cancer hospital not only provide the survivors a common platform but to spread the valuable message about life is valuable.

Every year 4th January is celebrating as World Cancer Day and to spread the awareness among people the unique cancer survivors meet was organised at the hospital. The idea is to spread the message among people about fight with cancer and defeat it for a beautiful life.

Fatima Bilal Latifee from Pakistan comes all the way to Baroda after she was detected cancer. With the support of her husband she gain courage and get operated. She is now doing well and spread the message of not fear but fight with cancer.

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Similar is the story of Gayatri Joshi 62 who was detected throat cancer. However with the courage given by her family and positive attitude helps her fully recovered from the disease after three months of treatment.

Parul Shah another survivor said her cancer was detected at second stage but she accepted as a challenge and with positive attitude finally defeated the disease and lives a healthy life.

There are many stories at the meet but the only thing that comes out is early detection and positive attitude is what helps the patients to defeat cancer. Secondly change in lifestyle and people not following the doctors guidelines are some of the factors responsible for cancer.

So the doctors at the meet requested everyone to fight not fear cancer for a healthy life. They also added that such a meet where the survivors share their experiences will Inspire others to come to their doctors early.

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