Campaign planned to create awareness and understanding regarding Leprosy among public


District Leprosy office identified 238 Leprosy patients in 2019 Government Hospitals provide diagnostic and treatment facilities free of cost to such patients

Leprosy is not just a disease but a social, economical and psychological problem that can be solved only with the help of society. Keeping in mind the same, an awareness campaign is planned by Leprosy Health Control Officer supported by the Health Ministry for 15 days, starting from 30th of January on Gandhi Nirvana Day. The purpose is to help people to understand leprosy disease as well as alleviate feelings of hatred towards those patients.

District Leprosy Officer Dr. Rajan Finawaker said that 238 new leprosy patients were identified, diagnosed and treated till December 2019-20. Where else, 341 new patients were benefitted with treatment of the disease in the year 2018-19 in Vadodara district. Important to note here is that the Government Hospitals provide free of cost facility for diagnose and to cure the same.

If any scar appears on the body it may be leprosy infected, therefore it is advisable to have a diagnosis at a nearby government hospital for the same.

The disease is caused by a bacterium called Micro-bacterium Lapri and is an infectious disease usually spread through air. Initially due to lack of understanding and awareness regarding the disease such scars do not result in any disruption to daily work, resulting in negligence which in long run results in limb deformity and disability, therefore one needs to be precautious from the beginning itself and cure the same.

Along with Vadodara district other districts from South Gujarat are also found with high number of leprosy patients. That is the reason Leprosy Prevention Day is celebrated is these districts through rallies and various awareness programs giving details on symptoms and treatment regarding the same through campaigns.

Dr. Finawaker also said that such works are supported by non- governmental organizations providing voluntary services. He also urged people to involve in the celebration and contribute to the formation of a leprosy free society.


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