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Rahul Bajaj passes away at the age of 83 was the chairman of Bajaj Group for 50 years

Former Bajaj Chairman Rahul Bajaj passed away in Pune today.

Rahul Bajaj passes away at the age of 83 was the chairman of Bajaj Group for 50 years

Former Bajaj Chairman Rahul Bajaj passed away in Pune today. He was 83 years old. Bajaj was suffering from cancer for a long time. As soon as the news of his death came, people started paying tribute on social media. He was born on June 10, 1938 in Kolkata to Marwari businessman Kamalnayan Bajaj and Savitri Bajaj. Family friendship was going on in Bajaj and Nehru family for three generations. Rahul's father Kamalnayan and Indira Gandhi had studied in the same school for some time.

Rahul Bajaj took over the responsibility of Bajaj Group in 1965

, took over the responsibility of Bajaj Group in 1965. Under his leadership, the turnover of Bajaj Auto reached from 7.2 crores to 12 thousand crores and it became the country's leading company selling scooters.

In 2005, Rahul started handing over the command of the company to son Rajiv. Then he made Rajiv the Managing Director of Bajaj Auto, after which the demand for the company's products in the automobile industry increased not only in the domestic market but also in the international market.

The first Bajaj scooter was made in the garage shed.

The country's number two two wheeler brand Bajaj has its roots in the freedom struggle. Jamnalal Bajaj (1889–1942) was a successful industrialist of his era who also took part in the freedom struggle.

He was the 'Bhamashah' of Mahatma Gandhi during the freedom struggle. In 1926 he formed a firm named as Seth Bachraj, adopting him to do trading, Bachraj & Company. After his death in 1942 at the age of 53, his son-in-law Rameshwar Nevatia and two sons Kamalnayan and Ramkrishna Bajaj established the Bachraj Trading Corporation.

In 1948, the company launched two-wheelers and three wheelers assembled from imported components. The first Bajaj Vespa scooter was made in a garage shed in Gurgaon. After this Bachhraj Trading Corporation set up a manufacturing plant at Kurla which was later shifted to Akurdi. Here the Bajaj family, in partnership with Firodiaz, set up separate plants to manufacture two-wheeler and three-wheeler vehicles. In 1960, the company was renamed as Bajaj Auto.

People Make Lakhs by Selling Bajaj Booking Numbers

Highly Suitable for Small Families and Small Traders with Low Price and Low Maintenance Bajaj brand Vespa scooters became so popular very quickly that in the 70's and 80's people started buying Bajaj Scooters for 15 days. Had to take the exam for 20 years. Many people in those days earned lakhs by selling the booking numbers of Bajaj scooters and built houses.

Told the teacher 'You just can't beat a Bajaj'

When he was expelled from the class room in his childhood, Rahul Bajaj, who called his teacher 'You just can't beat a Bajaj', was not able to work under anyone. There was a dispute between Rahul Bajaj and Firodia family regarding the division of business. After a long legal battle in September 1968, Firodiaz got Bajaj Tempo and Rahul Bajaj became the Chairman and Managing Director of Bajaj Auto. His competitors then were Escort, Enfield, Epii, ​​LML and Kinetic. All of them had 25% share in the two wheeler market and 10% in the three wheeler market then. The rest was locked by our Bajaj.

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