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In India, Tata Power and Apollo Tyres teamed up to create electric vehicle charging stations

Charging stations will be built at Apollo Tyres' locations across the country as part of this partnership

In India, Tata Power and Apollo Tyres teamed up to create electric vehicle charging stations

Tata Power and Apollo Tyres have announced plans to deploy public charging stations around the country as part of the cooperation. Tata Power can install a wide range of EV chargers across the whole EV charging ecosystem, which includes the entire industry. Type 2, DC 001, DC 001, 240kwh and 50kwh DC fast chargers for buses, AC 50kwh and 240kwh.

Praveer Sinha, CEO and MD of Tata Power, expressed his delight at the opportunity to work with Apollo Tyres on the installation of charging stations in their commercial and passenger car zones. It displays our commitment to the country's electric car ecosystem's development and expansion.

These chargers will allow two-wheeler and four-wheeler EV charging, depending on their location. Tata Power and Apollo Tyres have agreed to construct charging stations in 150 branded retail stores, CV and PV Zones in the first instance.

These charging stations will also have the advantage of being open all year to the general public as well as clients of these tyre retail locations. Apollo Tyres Ltd's President, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa, Satish Sharma, stated in a statement. "The infrastructure being set up at our Business Partner's premises strengthens our resolve to promote green mobility in India. Thanks to Tata Powers' large network of service locations, we are confident that there will be an uninterrupted charging infrastructure everywhere."

EZ Charge is a Tata Power brand that offers electric vehicle charging stations in over 200 cities, as well as a digital platform that ensures a seamless and easy client experience. Across a network of offices, malls, hotels, retail outlets, and public access points, public EV charging stations enable the use of clean mobility and independence from range anxiety.

Tata Power EZ Chargers' ecosystem includes public charging stations, captive charging stations, bus/fleet charging stations, and home charging stations, providing a complete value chain. Tata Power has developed a mobile-based application (Tata Power EZ Charge) as well as a sophisticated software platform to provide its clients with a quick and straightforward charging experience (Tata Power EV Charge).

EV drivers can use the app to find EV charging stations, charge their vehicles, and pay their bills online, making it the first of its type.

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