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Anand Mahindra presents a Bolero to man who created his own "Jugaad-Jeep" at home

Anand Mahindra kept his promise from last year and gave a car to the man who built a Jeep out of leftover components from other vehicles

Anand Mahindra presents a Bolero to man who created his own Jugaad-Jeep at home

Chairman of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, is well-known for his generous gifting of Mahindra automobiles. After a succession of such occurrences, he presented a Mahindra Bolero to a person who had impressed him with a man's creativity.

The car was supposed to be given to the man last year after Anand Mahindra was impressed by his idea and offered to give him one. This year, the promise was kept with the introduction of a new Mahindra Bolero in a new colour scheme.

Last year, Mahindra Group Chairman observed a man driving a homemade car. The incident came to light when Dattaraya Lohar, a blacksmith from Maharashtra, built a Jeep from of various recycled pieces from other cars.

He was transporting people from one location to another with his invention. The footage of him doing so in his homemade Jeep went viral, attracting the attention of Anand Mahindra. He chose to give Lohar a Mahindra Bolero as a gift, impressed by the inventiveness and "jugaad" but concerned about the safety precautions.

In December 2021, he announced this on Twitter. The promise made last year has now been fulfilled, and Lohar has enthusiastically accepted the new car. The storey was confirmed by Anand Mahindra's recent tweet.

Mahindra's Research Valley will store and display the 'jugaad,' which was purchased in return for the new Bolero. This vehicle was kept on display in the goal of stimulating Mahindra engineers to come up with inventive solutions with minimal resources and spending.

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