National Safety Day 2021

Passengers had a close save after the Luxury bus they were travelled in turned turtle near Jambuva bridge on NH8 outskirts of Vadodara city. The bus was on its way to Mumbai from Rajasthan and turned turtle on the road after the flat tyre. Three persons were injured in the accident.JambuvaThe luxury bus on its way to Mumbai from Rajasthan turned turtle after a flat tyre near Jambuva bridge. The 65 passengers inside the bus had a close save as the bus not fell into the deep gorge.  The incident happened around 11.30 pm and most of the passengers are sleeping at the time. The passengers woke after the flat tyre and before they realise anything the bus collided with the roadside railing and turned turtle.JambuvaThe passengers shouted in fear and calling for help after the bus turned turtle. Long ques of vehicles were seen after the bus turned turtle on the highway. Fire brigade team reached the spot immediately and they rescued the passengers stuck inside the bus. The 108 ambulence took the injured passenger from Rajasthan Rajesh Roy and cleaner Ramesh Patidar to SSG hospital for treatment. Police is further investigating.


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