Gives an application to the collector with a demand to reduce the prices.

Builders and Construction Associations stopped work on their construction sites on Friday in protest against rising prices of cement and steel. They also raised slogans near the Dandia bazaar bridge and gives an application to the collector with a demand to reduce the prices.

Cement and steel manufacturing companies have raised the prices and it raised prices of steel, cement blocks, pavers, bricks, sanitary items have also gone up sharply. As a result of which the cost of construction has gone up and ultimately increase the rates of the houses.

Protesting the decision, Credai Vadodara, Gujarat, HIHED Credai, BAI, GCA, ACE and others called for one day symbolic strike in Gujarat in protest against the rising prices of steel, cement blocks, pavers, bricks, sanitary items. All the sites are closed on 12th February all across Gujarat.

An application was submitted to the Vadodara District Collector on February 12 by CREDAI demanding withdrawal of the price hike by cement and steel manufacturing companies.

CREDAI chairman Pritesh Shah said builders in Gujarat, including Vadodara, would have to pay 15 to 20 per cent more due to the price hike in cement and steel. Which will have an impact on the customer. Vadodara is currently running 500 projects worth Rs 5,000 crore. If cement and steel prices do not fall, house prices are likely to rise by 25 per cent.

He further said that CREDAI has also made representations to the government to reduce the price hike in cement and steel, but as no solution has been found yet, they have finally been forced to take the path of agitation. CREDAI is also affiliated with the All India Builders Association and on Friday all the small and big builders in Vadodara close their construction sites and protest against the price hike in cement and steel. An application to the district collector was also given jointly by the Credai and Builders Association.

CREDAI Vice President Mayank Patel said that the letter dated December 12, 2020 was forwarded to called on the Prime Minister to take appropriate action regarding the price hike in steel and cement. When a large number of people find employment in real estate, it is necessary to control these price increases and if prices are not reduced, then small and big developers will have to increase house prices by 15 to 20 per cent.

An application was also submitted to the district collector today by the Vadodara District Construction Association in protest of the cement and steel price hike.


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