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BSF sent 3 innocent Pakistani back to their country

BSF sent 3 innocent Pakistani back to their country

Three Pakistani nationals accidently crossed over India-Pak border at Ajnala, Punjab on 11th June.

After they crossed the border they were caught by BSF. Pakistani nationals were might be afraid because they crossed the border and entered on land of at like enemy nation. But after how they were treated by BSF must be shocking for them.

Pakistani nationals were sent back to Pakistan after their proper investigation by BSF. BSF didn’t find anything wrong with them and they sent them back to Pakistan.

“I am thankful. BSF treated us very well. We must also behave in the same way like they do”, Pakistani nationals said to the officials. Three of them were seems very happy because of responsive approach by BSF.

BSF CP Meena said to officials that, “Pakistani Nationals had no wrong intentions. We gifted them chocolates to remember their stay here.”

A good example set by Indian BSF to Pakistan government and Pakistan army by sending back them to their nation. As all we know about our relations with Pakistan at border. Three Pakistani nationals were delighted after they sent back to their nation and hope this incident will helpful in India-Pak relations.

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