Broad daylight robbery in Vadodara


Robbers snatched cash box from custodian managed to escape from the spot

In a broad daylight incident armed robbers in Vadodara looted the cash box from the custodian of a private cash deposit company when he was on its way to deposit cash. The sensational incident happened at Muktanand crossroads where the alleged robbers snatched the cash laden box from the custodian and fled from there after injuring him. The gunmen fired one round but the accused managed to escape from the spot in a car.

As per the details the cash van of Writer Safeguard Company arrived at the Muktanand crossroads in Karelibaug area to deposit cash in the HDFC ATM. The custodian Ankit Thakur picked the cash laden box from the van and head towards the ATM along with his gunman to deposit cash. However little did he know that the robbers wait for him just outside the ATM and snatched the box as soon as he arrived?

The sudden attack shocked the custodian and he tried to save the box but the accused attacked and injured him with a knife like weapon. The gunman Bhagirath Pasi ran after the robbers and fired one round but they managed to flee in a black colour car. The custodian said that the robbers also has revolver like weapon in their possession but as the gunman fired they dropped it in fear. The robbers managed to escape with 6 lakhs cash in the box from the spot.

The broad daylight incident shocked everyone in the complex as the area is considered to be crowded one with many shops and tution classes. Top police officials reached the spot along with the Karelibaug police and review the incident.

“The incident happened when the custodian came to deposit cash in the ATM. The robbers snatched the box from him and also injured him with a knife like weapon. They fled in a black colour car and we alert all the check posts to keep a watch on the same description car,” said K.G. Bhati Joint CP Vadodara.