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Britannia appeals its workers to resume operations at Jhagadia

Britannia appeals its workers to resume operations at Jhagadia

In these challenging times, employees engaged in the manufacture of Essential food items have to unsure uninterrupted food supply to the nation. In ordinance with Section 2 (V) of the Essential Commodities Act, 1955, Britannia Industries Limited was granted permission to resume operations as it falls under the essential food products category. The company was granted permission to resume operations, ensuring the necessary safety measures (Govt permission granted on March 26, 2020).

After receiving permissions to resume operations, the Company worked towards ensuring a safe and sanitized work environment as per the social distancing guidelines. All the employees were notified about the resumption of operations through official circulars on 27th March, 1st, 6th and 10th April. The Factory team also sent out WhatsApp messages to the laborers to resume work.

The management team had in-person meetings with the village sarpanches to communicate to them about all the arrangements (including transport with required social distancing protocol) had been made to resume operations. The sarpanches were invited to the factory for a guided tour of all the stringent safety protocols that were in place. The workers were also provided stay at the dormitory on premise should they opt for the same, as well as free canteen food.

It must be noted that the Company stood by the community in difficult times. All workers received salary in full including for the mandated days of the lockdown from March 25-31. With the readying of the factory in April to resume operations, the Company provided the much needed opportunity to workers to take home a full month’s salary along with attractive added fiscal incentives.

Workers who reported to work in April thereby ensured financial security for their families. They were able to take home substantially more salary because of the attractive incentives rolled out by the Company. Above all the Company appreciates and acknowledges their commitment in ensuring sustained food supply to the nation.

In April, the company had also additionally ensured that the community surrounding the factory does not face food security issues. The factory had organized a humanitarian initiative involving delivery of over 2500 ration kits to families in surrounding villages. These ration kits included daily essentials such as rice, dal, oil and vegetables.

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