Shared their cropped pictures in social media

Bollywood celebrities now join the campaign started by a youth from Vadodara Parth Thakur for the Thalassemia patients. On World Thalassemia Day many celebrities including Sonakshi Sinha shared their cropped images on social media to show their support to the cause.

Parth along with his friends started The Wishing Factory in Vadodara to help children suffering from Thalassemia in their treatment and spreading awareness in the society. The campaign now spreads nationwide and get the support of bollywood celebrities.

Parth himself a Thalassemia major understand the pain of such patients and started the Wishing Factory NGO in 2015 to aware the people and help the patients specially children to fulfill their wishes. The patients have to change blood continuously to live.

Parth further said there are about 160 such patients in Vadodara and the patients lifespan reduced to half due to the disease.

On World Thalassemia Day bollywood stars like Sonakshi Sinha, Huma Qureshi, Gujarati film actress Mansi Paresh, Kunal Kapoor shared their cropped pics on
#Adhiwalizindagimitao and join the campaign.


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