Believed to have committed suicide due to illness

Body of a missing youth was found from Gotri Lake in Vadodara city on Saturday. Police took out the body with the help from fire brigade. During investigation it is revealed that the body belonged to 39-year-old Prakash Kanchanbhai Vasava, a resident of Geri compound and had been missing since Friday. He is believed to have committed suicide due to illness.

Crowds gathered at the spot after the body was found in Gotri Lake. Gotri police and fire brigade teams reached the spot and took out the body for investigation.

During the investigation, the body was found to be of 39-year-old Prakash Kanchanbhai Vasava and was missing since Friday morning. Police have sent the body to Sayaji Hospital for postmortem and are conducting further investigation.

As per family members he had been ill for some time and seem to have committed suicide by jumped inside the lake. Gotri police have registered a case of accidental death and sent the body to Sayaji Hospital for postmortem. An investigation is underway to find out the exact reason behind the suicide.


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