Most of the planted are fodder and vegetables

Due to the low rate of summer cultivation in the district, eye-catching greenery can be seen in many places in the rural areas. District Agriculture Officer Nitin Vasava said that in all the talukas of the district about 10813 hectares of land is under summer cultivation, in which fodder and vegetable cultivation is at the forefront.

According to the details received from the Agriculture Department, Padra taluka has more than 4203 hectares, Vadodara taluka has 3531, Waghodia taluka has 1484, Dabhoi taluka has 510, Savli taluka has 471, Desar has 272, Karjan has 268 and Shinor has 71 hectares.

In addition to vegetables and fodder, crops include paddy, millet, moong, and very little corn, groundnut, sesame and onion. Bajra has been planted in a total area of ​​2159 hectares and in all the talukas of the district except Karjan.

In Dabhoi taluka, paddy is cultivated in 100 hectares from Wadhwana lake based irrigation source. Besides, paddy has been sown in 325 hectares in Waghodia and 40 hectares in Vadodara taluka.

For the maintenance of livestock, fodder has been grown in more than 4479 hectares and vegetables in 3562 hectares. Most of the wells, borewells are being used as source of irrigation in the summer.


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