To benefit the bright, meritorious students belonging to low-income families

The Baroda Lions Club Education Trust (BLCET) and The Mahavir Foundation Trust (MFT) have joined hands and signed a Memorandum of Understanding to implement a unique project of MFT named ”Kayalkalp” in the Vadodara city. The project is for the benefit of bright, meritorious students belonging to low-income families and ensure that these students receive high quality education and do not lag behind in achieving success at secondary and higher secondary examinations due to the lack of financial resources.

The project is the first of its kind in the city of Vadodara and will be implemented jointly by the two trusts at Baroda High School (Gujarati medium) located at Danteshwar from the academic year 2019-2020 onwards. The two trusts have decided to implement the project initially for five years, to be extended further based on review. Baroda High School, Danteshwar, will launch science stream at HSC level in order to facilitate the implementation of this project.

Under the Kayakalp project, more than 300 bright students who have secured 70 per cent or above marks in their preceding examination and whose family income is less than Rs. 2 lakh per annum will be admitted to BHS (Danteshwar) in Std. 9, 10, 11 and 12 in addition to the regular students of the school. The selection of students under the Kayakalp project would be irrespective of any caste, religion or other social differences. The number of students under the project will be increased in the subsequent years.

It is generally found that despite having talent, students belonging to Iow-income families are not able to perform on par with students belonging to middle or higher income groups due to the lack of additional coaching required beyond school education.

In order to enable bright students belonging to the economically disadvantaged families to achieve success at SSC and HSC examination and secure admission in professional programmes like engineering, medicine, pharmacy, architecture a totally free-of-charge intensive coaching would be provided to students registered under the Kayakalp project students for three hours every day after school timings at BHS (Danteshwar) by MFT through qualified faculties.

The school premises will be offered free of charge by BLCET for this purpose. Students will not be required to leave the school premises for this coaching. Special free-of-charge coaching shall cover all subjects of their study, including computers. Audiovisual and digital media will be used for effective learning.

A substantial part of the school fees of the students and full cost of their uniform, shoes, study materials, kits, stationery and transportation of the meritorious students enrolled under the project would be borne by the MFT. Full free ship will be given to students who are from extremely needy families. Students under the Kayakalp project will also be provided nutritious lunch at the school premises at subsidized rates.

A number of lectures by experts will be arranged to enhance overall capacity of the
students. Apart from sessions covering academic subjects, special sessions for
personality development and development of English communication skills will be
conducted under the Kayakalp project.

Special counselling and capacity development for girl students will be arranged under the ”Smart Girl” programme. Periodic free health check-up and health-related initiatives will be taken.

A joint committee consisting of the members of the two trusts shall continuously review the progress of the project and take necessary steps for the academic development of the selected students. Both the trusts shall work on a future plan of offering free-of-charge skill development and vocational training programmes for other students from economically weaker sections at the Danteshwar school in order to make them employable.


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