Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Sunday said that the BJP and RSS wanted Dalits and Adivasis to exist at the bottom rung of society.

Gandhi shared a video on Twitter showing atrocities against Dalits, including the 2016 Una incident.

“Central to the RSS/BJP fascist ideology, is that Dalits and Adivasis must continue to exist at the bottom rung of society.

“In this disturbing video, the dangers of this mindset and how it’s openly propagated by senior RSS/BJP leaders is revealed” Gandhi tweeted with the hashtag #AnswerMaadiModi or Modi must answer in Kannada.

The video also claims that “every 12 minutes, Dalits faces atrocity, everyday six Dalit women are raped”.

“Why are Dalits constantly prosecuted in Modi’s new India… His silence reflects the mindset of RSS and BJP… Speak-up Mr Modi,” it added.

Karnataka will vote in the Assembly elections on May 12. The state has 23.5 per cent Dalit population.


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