Nalin Kohli BJP National spokesperson on Saturday in his maiden visit to Vadodara in Gujarat speaks on the Indo Pak relations and salute the act of Indian army through surgical strike to fight terrorists.

Kohli said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi there is a global concern for terrorism. “Our global concern to counter and fight terrorism is appreciated worldwide and we are getting cooperation from countries that are in support to stop terrorism. I want to say the three points to stop terrorism and that is to define it globally, all nation will work together to counter it and take every possible steps to fight it,” said Kohli.

Kohli appreciated the surgical strike by the Army and salute the jawans for their daring act. “Surgical strikes by Indian Army after the Uri attack clearly showed that it was against terrorism and the primitive strikes was to eliminate the threat and to secure the nation and the people. Our PM Narendra Modi said after the Uri attack that the act will not go unpunished and the surgical strike confirm this. We will ensure to take every step possible to make India more secure in future,” said Kohli.

Speaking on separatists leaders in J&K he said that there is no middle path for terrorism. “In fight against terrorism there is no middle path and the only thing possible is either you are in support or against it. Those who are chose to be silent in fight against terror the question will raise against them,” said Kohli.

On UN proposed as a mediator between the two countries Kohli said there is no bet on talks between two countries and the terrorism is coming from cross border. He said if Pakistan rebuse the terrorism then we don’t need any third party between two of us.

He added that the links from 9/11 to Uri attack shows the links of Pakistan and he should think about it. Osama bin laden was residing just few kilometers away from Army camp and Hafeez Saiyed was roaming free in Pakistan. The act of his against terror shows that either Pakistan is incompetent to fight against terrorism or they want to show their strength. The relation between the two countries is comprehensive response or comprehensive relationship.

He also said that the Pakistani artists in India are not speaking about Uri attack in fear. “As far as the artists from Pakistan are concerned we are closely looking at as they speak anything on Uri attack and condemn it. But they didnt speak anything as they might fear that they will face the wrath of people when they back home,” said Kohli. He also added that the Saarc summit was a moral victory for us as we are on the side of humanity.

Kohli said that PM Modi increased India’s credibility in Global arena with programmes lIke International Yoga day and make India as the most attractive destination in the world. He also put focus on the Switch global expo to be held in Vadodara as a good chance for the city to make it to the global map. As 23% of electrical manufacturing is in Vadodara so the expo will be great platform for everyone he added.