Bhavya Bharat Foundation's Covicare helpline a link to life during Covid-19

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Bhavya Bharat Foundation's Covicare helpline a link to life during Covid-19

The whole country is going through a serious crisis of Corona pandemic and the cases are increasing day by day in Gujarat. Vadodara is also not spared as the present wave create havoc in the city and tighten it's grip with each passing day. As everyone is fighting unitedly against Covid-19 pandemic, Bhavya Bharat Foundation in Vadodara are serving the people through CoviCare helpline putting forward the principle of youth social responsibility for helping the society in this crucial time.

The CoviCare helpline is serving the patients and people in Plasma requirements, tele consultation and arranging vaccine drive for the citizens.

In Plasma Requirements, the team contacts the Covid recovered patients between 28-90 days of recovery and encourages them to donate their plasma to the current Covid patients and contribute their part as individual social responsibility. The team said to be getting 125-130 request per day for plasma and they are successfully linking 70-75% Patients with the donor.

The foundation have a team of dedicated young doctors who are guiding and treating the home isolated patients through tele-consultation. They get around 70 calls per day for guidance, doubts, situations and treatment. The team coordinates and allot the doctor and the patient responds within 8-10 minutes of requested time. Apart from it they also give advise for post Covid recovery through yoga consultation to the patients by yoga experts which adds a relief factor for speedy recovery. The team members also keep a regular track of patients and also interacts with them through video conferencing.

Vaccination is the most efficient way to defeat Covid-19 and when the country is running the world's largest vaccination drive, it is duty of everyone to encourage and ensure that maximum people get vaccinated. BBF team coordinating with the residential societies and planning free vaccination drives with the support of Vadodara Municipal Corporation for the people above the age of 45 years and also look forward to do the same for efficient vaccination drives for people above the age of 18 years from 1st May 2021.

"As of now in Vadodara the team has successfully availed plasma to over 310 patients, provided tele-consultation treatment to over 265 patients and arranged 7 free vaccination camps with more than 645 people being vaccinated in their residential society", says Tirth Shah (Incharge - Plasma Requirements), Prachi Vyas (Incharge - Teleconsultation) and Ronak Patel (Incharge - Vaccination Drives) respectively.

The foundation are also helping to fulfill the requirement of people from different states like Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh regarding location of hospital beds, plasma as well as tele-consultation through Twitter. The team quickly takes on the request and connects the patient's family to the concerned local person and ensures that the patient gets proper treatment. They have served more than 180 requests through twitter as of now.

"I am proud to convey that we are tirelessly working towards fulfilling the urgent requirements of the patients & people in Vadodara following the principle of 'Sewa Parmo Dharmaha'. Be it early morning or late night, we dedicate our efforts to provide help as much as we can and as soon as we can with the support of fellow citizens of Vadodara. For us, every life matters.", says Rangam Trivedi, founder Bhavya Bharat Foundation.