Bharuch’s Dentist Sculpted Ganesha Idol from Pure Chocolate To Feed Underprivileged Kids


With an aim to spread happiness and share joy amongst underprivileged kids around the city, a dentist from Bharuch town made the Ganesh Idol from pure milk chocolate which she will immerse in milk to feed hundreds of underprivileged kids.

Dr. Hiral Pandya, a dentist by profession and the maker of chocolate Ganesh idol while talking to CG said, “From Spiderman to Bahubali there are many innovative sculptures of Ganesh idol this year in market but they are all made up of POP (Plaster of paris) which finally spreads pollution in our water bodies. Today we are talking about saving mother earth and keeping it green and healthy, then why not start acting on it, hence my sister and I decided to do something unique which can spread happiness and help protect environment. We decided to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in a totally different way and so we made about 12 to 15 inches tall chocolate Ganesha with 10 kg of chocolate in eight hours. After 1 day we will immerse Ganesha in milk, and will feed the resulting Chocolate milk to hundreds of underprivileged kids in the city”.

“It saddens me when I see people spreading pollution in the name of devotion and religion. Ganesh pandals are in their own race and competitions to create huge Ganesha Idols every year made up of POP which is actually creating pollution, disrespecting the God himself and irresponsibility towards nature. To spread a positive message in the society we tried making Ganesha with chocolate and after all religious celebrations we will distribute the chocolate milk amongst needy people,” said Khushbu, sister of Hiral Pandya.


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