The Osara Mahakali temple in Bharuch becomes the centre of devotion for the devotees. The temple which normally opens on Tuesday is now open for the devotees all the nine days during Navratri.

Situated around 16kms away from Bharuch city the Mahakali temple was built in 1976 by Manbapu and since then his generation managed the temple. It is said that every Tuesday Maa Durga arrived here from Pavagadh which bring the devotees in big numbers to the temple.

Ramilaben who lives and worship there said that devotees from far away comes here to fulfill their wishes. The devotees observe fast on Tuesday and visit the temple to worship Godess Mahakali.

Morning 6.30 the pooja begins inside the temple and devotees reached the temple to get the blessings of Maa Mahakali.

Story by : Sunil S Mohanty

Video by : Gaurang Dutt

Reporter : Vishal Pareek


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