Bharuch family did cremation for pet dog


In this world where people become enemies and killing each other, there is a story of love between human and animal. A Pug was cremated with Hindu rituals inside the crematorium by his owners who raised him as family member.

Tejas Dave works in GFC in Kosamba and lives with his wife Sonal and son Sonal in Bharuch. Sapan who love dogs brought a puppy Pug to his home and in a short time the animal became a family members and everyone showers love on him.

The family gives the Pug a name ‘Sunny’ and he became adorable to everyone. Sonal was so attached to the Sunny that she took him along with her anywhere she goes. The love is such that Sunny sleeps in between the husband and wife on bed just like a family member.

Sometime ago Sunny became ill and Tejas took him to Bharuch Veterinary clinic and the doctors told him that he had jaundice. Tejas then brought Sunny to Vadodara C.T. Pet clinic but the condition not improves and finally he took him to Surat Nandini animal hospital where the doctors give him saline but the condition remains same.

Finally the doctors told him about the condition and Tejas bring Sunny back to home. On Monday at around 3pm Sunny breathed his last after saw the face of his owner Tejas when he came back home from the office. Sonal said that as the dog was raised in a Brahmin family so they decide to cremate him as per hindu traditions inside the crematorium.


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