Bharuch: “Driverless Rickshaw” will surely make your head turn around to have a glance at


On National Highway no. 48 driverless rickshaw was seen that made  people stunned by the sight of road scenes. The video of the driverless rickshaw has become very popular and viral among different social media platform.

Currently social media is on the rise, which is why one video after another is going viral on social media, while another bizarre video has been seen on the National Highway passing through Bharuch.

As it can be seen in the video that there are three rickshaws running in a row, one leading the other two rickshaws . As these rickshaws can not operated without a driver, among the three only two comes into motion without a rickshaw driver.

Ismailbhai, a native of Surat and associated with the rickshaw repair business,  is the man behind carrying three rickshaws at a time. He was heading with these three rickshaws from Vadodara to Surat with his own personnel arrangements made alone, this video has become very viral on social media have.


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