People of old Bharuch city get curious

On Sunday morning Bharuch collector along with the members of Institute of Indian Interior Design, newly elected president Bharuch municipality and top officials went for a heritage tour in the old city area. The visit make the people curious as they seems eager to know the purpose.

The heritage tour started from Bhrigu Rishi temple to Dashashwamegh Ghat, Bhukhan Dhobi Dharmashala at Hajikhana Market, Jama Masjid, Parsi Agiyari, Begum Wadi, Sardar Haveli of Haider Saheb to historical fort of Bharuch. During the visit the collector discussed how to glorify the splendour of Bharuch.

Bharuch is the oldest and historical city of India and known as second mythological city next to Kashi. Lord Vishnu, Laxmi, Varah and Vaman incarnation, Bhrigu Rishi, Jamadagni Rishi and others visited here which gives the city its identity. Dutch, British, Roman, Marathas and Mughals entered the city from the port and spread their empire in other areas of the country.

The city gives place to every culture of the world but it historical status is going down due to negligiency. However the collector starts efforts to relive the pride of the city which gives a ray of hope to the people says Jivraj Patel president of Bharuch Citizen Council.

The visit was attended by Narmada lover Harish Joshi, municipality president Surbhi Tamakuwala, officer Sanjay Soni, Kadam Shah from IID, Busra contractor and others.