Bhadbhut Barrage a road to development in the region


From Bharuch Agriculture University PM Narendra Modi adress the public after the ground breaking ceremonies of Wier cum Cozway and various other GNFC projects.

He said to fulfill the dream of Pandit Deendayal the second Antyoday train starts from Udhna to Jaynagar in Bihar. The train is totally unreserved and everyone can travel inside it specially the labour class will really benefit from this. The train is a important link to join Western and Northern India.

He futher said he knows the problems faces by the farmers and specially they have to stand in long ques for the urea. But now the days are gone and the government already started working on it three years ago. None of the CM has to write letter to me for the urea as we give preference to the farmers. The farmers get the cheap Neem Coating included urea which earlier went to chemical industries.

He said the village women get employment after engaged in the neem Coating work and the GNFC purchased the materials from the same ladies.

For fishermen he said the government mje a scheme to provide machine run big boats to them on minimum interest which the fishermen purchase after making associations. The idea is to help them to fishing at 12 nautical miles inside the sea and everyday in the evening they return to their families.

For the Barage he said it become easy to connect Bharuch district and South Gujarat after Bhadbhut Barage and bridge get ready. Petrol diesel will be saved and to join Hazira and Dahej will become the synonyym of Queen Industrial growth. The water level will increase in the villages situated near the river and the salty taste will decrease. The land becomes fertile after the Barage gets ready.

Earlier Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani said in 1 and half days the PM done ground breaking ceremonies of 12 thousand crore projects which shows that development, Gujarat and Modi all become synonyms of each other.

He attacked the people who protest and said now the development is Gujarat is spirited and the water of Narmada reaches every corner of villages.


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