Durga Puja is one of the eagerly awaiting festival every year when people offer their prayers to Maa Durga and get her blessings. Bengali people also wait for the festival to taste the typical Bengali non veg delicacies prepare specially in this time.

However to the disappointment of Bengalis lives in Ahmedabad one of the oldest pandals is not offering the non veg food this year. Bengal Cultural Association first time in last 8 decades organise all vegetarian food fiesta this time after the land owners asked them not to serve non veg food.

As per the details the Ahmedabad Education Society where the puja is organising is run by jains and this year they informed the puja organisers not to prepare non veg food as part of their festivities. The decision came as shocker to the bengalis and the other people who wait for the whole year to taste the authentic traditional dishes during the puja celebration.



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