Gujarat and spirituality go hand in hand. They are like two peas in the same pod, always complimenting each other. The state of Gujarat has important values and lessons that they follow spiritually. Some might find it orthodox but for the amazing people of Gujarat, being spiritual is not about being superstitious over blind faith, it is about knowing your roots, your emotional bondage and the essence it leaves in our minds and lives with the passing of time.

The Beauty Tale

Gujarat is filled with scenic beauties and has a string of artifacts and spiritual innuendo under its charm. Something that awe strike’s the minds of people visiting Gujarat is how the spiritual beliefs coexist with the modernity of the place. It is a mixture of faith and belief, comprising of a modern twist of thetale.

Spiritual Haven

Gujarat has been known to be a spiritual spot because of its contemporary religious places. The essence of spirituality in Gujarat is undying and grows with the passage of time. From time to time people make their fateful visit to therespective places and rejoice every moment of being there.

Listed below are few of the spiritual hotspots of Gujarat:

  • Somnath Temple

Located in PrabhasPatan near Veraval in Saurashtra, the Somnath Temple is believed to be the first shrine of the twelve JYORTILINGAS OF SHIVA. It is one of the few important places for pilgrimage and an attraction point for tourists. Something weird and fascinating about this temple is that it has been demolished and rebuilt a number of times. But even then it holds the same spiritual essence that it did when it was built first.

  • Modhera Sun Temple

By its name, one can guess what it stands for. The Modhera Sun Temple was built in 1026-27 AD when the Chaulukya dynasty was dominating and King Bhima I was in reign. Situated on the bank of the river Pashupati, the temple is dedicated to the solar deity Surya, the sun god. Though there is no basic offering of worship, this place still remains holy and now has been declared an official archaeological site by the Archaeological Survey of India.

  • Jama Masjid

It literally means Friday mosque. This temple was built by Ahmed Shah I in the year 1424 and is a splendid mosque in the city of Ahmadabad. It is situated outside the Bhadra Fort near Manek Chowk. The mosque was made of yellow sandstone and engraved on its essence are the tales of the then reigning Sultan Shah.

There are various other such places situated in Gujarat that eludes spirituality and beauty all together. It gives one the satisfaction by abiding by their faith and also a treat to the eyes.


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