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Beautiful Creativity of turning waste into best by the students of MSU

Beautiful Creativity of turning waste into best by the students of MSU

What we all call waste and sell to the scrap dealer, the Interior design students of B.Sc. (Honours) turned them into beautiful work of art. The two days exhibition cum sale starting from Saturday showcase the work of students at their best. Beautiful chairs and tables, lamps, wall paintings, decorative stands and many more are displayed here and the most interesting part is that all are made up of waste materials.

Students of B.Sc. (Honours) Interior Design, Department of Family & Community Resourse Management, Faculty of Family and Community Sciences, The Maharaja Sayajorao University of Baroda organise the Exhibition cum Sale of Student's Creations named 'Revelations 2017' at Faculty Garden, Faculty of Family and Community Sciences, Fathegunj area in Vadodara.

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The students of the department showcase their best creations at the exhibition and displayed their skills of making best out of the waste. The students collected the waste, scrap materials like torn out tyres, folks, spoons, plates, bowl aquarium, coconut shells, bamboo, card board boxes and many more from the faculty and scrap dealers and turned them into beautiful artifacts which can be placed inside the house.

To name a few you can see wall clock made out from dining plate, bowl aquarium turned into a lamp, coconut shell turned into decorative art, torn tyres used to make innovative designs and sitting chairs, bamboos used for making decorative stands, wall hangings, benches, swings and many more. Each of the art and design is so beautiful and appealing which shows the creativity of the students.

The exhibition started from Friday and continues on Saturday, 6 & 7 January 2016, from 11:00 am onwards.

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