A second year BBA student of Navrachna University in Vadodara committed suicide after fed up from his friends. The student also left behind a suicide note and demand strict punishment for his friends who tortured him and forced to take the extreme step. Gotri police registered the matter and on the base of suicide note searching for the friends who forced the boy to commit suicide.

The 20 year old student residing in Ashutosh society besides Swaminarayan temple in Gotri area of Vadodara city and studying in second year BBA in Navrachna University. The boy commit suicide in his bedroom on Friday with a dupatta tied from the fan inside.

As per the police sources the father of the boy has a machinery shop on Lehripura road of the city and he was at his shop when the incident happened. The grandmother of the boy was only at the home when the boy took the extreme step and commit suicide in his room between 4 to 5 in the evening.

The boy also write a suicide note before the extreme step where he addressed his family and write four names of his friends. He further write that the four of them are responsible for his suicide and all should get strict punishment.   

The police believes that monetary matters are the reason behind this where the friends are torturing him to take the step. The police based on the suicide note starting to search for the friends whose names were mentioned by the student. Gotri police as per now registered accidental death in the matter and further investigating.


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