Baroda showers love to the 2yr old baby abandoned by their parents inside a temple in Atladara area on Sunday. The cute baby becomes everyone favourite and got a new name Priyanshi given by MP Ranjan Bhatt. She also requested the parents of the girl to come back to her.

Even the strong hearted people melt down after watching the 2yr little girl crying inside the temple in Vadodara on Sunday. The baby was abandoned by her parents and found by a vegetable vendor. Since then the baby becomes the darling of everyone and even the MP also can’t stop herself to play with her.

On Monday MP Ranjan Bhatt visits the child care centre at Nizampura and cuddle the cute baby. The mother inside the politician comes out and she was seen playing with the sweet girl. She also gives a new name Priyanshi to the little girl and request her parents to come back to her.

“Being a grandmother, mother and woman I saw the little girl is searching for her parents. She is so adorable and I play with her but the search in her eyes is still there. I request her parents to come back to her and don’t left such a adorable baby. In the next three months they will find it hard to get her so I request them to come back to her now,” said Bhatt.



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