Found sleeping security employees working without I cards

In a surprise check the Baroda dairy chairman caught the carelessness of security of chilling centre at Bodeli. Chairman Dinesh Patel (Dinu Mama) drove inside the unit and found the security don’t have any clue about it.

Gujarat is on high alert amid the tensions between the two countries and security agencies are issuing directives to the important establishments to take proper security measures. However the Baroda Dairy chilling centre at Bodeli seems to be not following the directives seriously.

The chilling centre is used to stock the milk coming from the district and from there taken to the Baroda Dairy by supply vehicles. As Gujarat is put on high alert Chairman Dinesh Patel conduct a surprise check inside the chilling centre and shocked to see the security lapse there. He caught the sleeping on duty security, employees working without I cards and manger not answering the phone calls.

Chairman Dinesh Patel said he entered the centre around 11am taking his own vehicle and the on duty security was unaware about it. He asked for the I cards from the employees working inside but none of them possess it. He called the manager but he was not answering the calls and finally a employee went to his home.

The chairman warns everyone for the serious lapse inside the company and issues directives to maintain security at the centre.


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