If you are also waiting for Valentine’s Day then ‘be careful’ a little. Bajrang Dal has issued a warning on its behalf as soon as it comes to the festival of love. The girls have been asked to be “careful” by issuing a poster. Significantly, not only Valentine’s Day in the poster but also ‘love jihad’ has been mentioned.

In the posters posted in Ahmedabad, the Bajrang Dal every year as well as this year has cleared its intentions on Valentine’s Day. The poster has been asked to be wary of the girls. Also, an appeal has been made to not to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This poster has been released from Bajrang Dal-Karnavati. Let us know that Ahmedabad is also known as Karnavati.

The interesting thing is that in these posters not only not to celebrate Valentine’s Day but an appeal has been made to beware of love jihad. Half poster has been shown wearing a burqa face. According to the sources, these posters are located near schools and colleges. The Bajrang Dal has asked the pub owners and clubs of Hyderabad not to organize any special event on Valentine’s Day by issuing warnings.


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