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Axis My India launches Trust Index

Axis My India launches Trust Index

Axis My India, one of India's largest crowd-sourced research firms has embarked upon an initiative called Trust Index which will gauge the true representation of what consumers in India prefer in terms of their day to day usage. Axis My India’s Trust Index center was flagged off today by Milan Patel Regional Coordinator, AXIS MY INDIA from Seven Seas Mall, IPCL Circle, Fatehganj, Vadodara which will now cover the length and breadth of Gujarat.

Trust Index by way of its innovative model aims to empower 'citizens through a two-way . communication platform which allows public participation to voice their preference and issues. This will facilitate decision making for various stakeholders within corporate & government sectors.

In order to capitalize diversity & spread of consumption pattern across the 600+ districts pan India, Axis My India targets to collect detailed responses from an audience of five lac consumers to ensure the survey represents the true demography of India and a Pan-India reach across socio economic segments.

At present, Axis My India have enrollments of 250,000 consumers and in order to reach the 5 lacs enrollments figures, the company has devised a meticulous geographical beat plan. Ground mobile vans have been mobilized across towns and cities to speedily achieve this milestone.

The consumers are being gratified with spot freebies and additionally get enrolled on the mega offer of winning ten cars through a contest. The participants also stand a chance to appear on television during a grand award ceremony planned to celebrate this achievement. There are other inducements being planned in due course, to keep the excitement going.

According to Milan Barad regional co ordinator Gujarat the aim is to bring the brand and the consumer closer. Axis Trust Index is the country’s first comprehensive research and insight specialist tool that helps measure consumer preference for various product categories in 29 States, 7 Union Territories and 600 districts.

This activity comes on the back of Axis’s accurate performance at the recent exit polls where the accuracy levels were largely attributed to an extensive ground poll mechanism, driven and monitored by an in-house team.

The research program has started from state capitals covering the length and breadth of each state. It will take almost 40 days for Axis My india to complete the survey and analyze the results.

The exhaustive categories of products covered under Axis Trust Index are mobile phones, mobile network, shampoo, toothpaste, bathing soap, detergent, powder/bar, health beverages, television, TV. channels, news channels, cooking oil, tractor, tea, hair oil, soft drink, face creams, coffee, mineral water, DTH, pen, noodles etc.

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